Throwback Saturday: Three variants on 2048

Right around this time five years ago, I was playing a ton of Gabriele Cirulli’s HTML5 game “2048” — a game so popular that it has had its own Wikipedia page since ten days after its release (or, fourteen days after the first commit in Cirulli’s GitHub repo). “2048” spawned a ton of variants; I got particularly hooked on Baiqiang’s “Advanced 2048,” which added “x2” and “x4” tiles.

My lovely wife (who was at that time my lovely girlfriend) also got hooked on “2048” and “Advanced 2048”… but we were both a little disappointed by how the “x2” and “x4” tiles made it easier to get high scores. One day she said something like, “You should make one that has square root tiles, too.” So I cloned Gabriele Cirulli’s repo, merged in Baiqiang’s “x2” and “x4” tiles (more or less), and then added square roots. The result was aesthetically pleasing to both of us. You can play “√2048” here. …

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Hello World with C++2a modules

Here’s how to build a “Hello world” program using Clang’s implementation of C++2a Modules, as it currently stands as of November 2019. The compiler driver interface described here is practically guaranteed to change over the next couple of years, but this seems to be how it works right now in trunk.

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Transcription of All Of Them Witches

Ira Levin’s 1967 novel Rosemary’s Baby features the fictional book All Of Them Witches, by J.R. Hanslet. Roman Polanski’s 1968 film adaptation shows the book on-screen — a prop with surprisingly well-curated dummy text. I like freeze-framing text from movies, so, here’s my transcription and close reading of All Of Them Witches.

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