First post — Jekyll Now

I’ve been putting off creating a blog for years now, because I dreaded being one of those blogs where they put up an enthusiastic “First post!!” and then go dark for three years. But lately I’ve been hanging out on the C++ Slack channel and I keep finding myself in discussions (okay, occasionally they’re “debates”) where I say something and think, “Gee, I wish I could save that comment and repost it the next five times I’m discussing this same topic with someone who isn’t here right now!”

So this morning I went looking for a way to host a blog right here on GitHub and write posts in Markdown… and lo and behold, googling “github markdown blog” led me straight to a blog post by Joseph Tyler Jones describing how to do exactly that using “Jekyll Now”, a project by Barry Clark. So I followed the instructions to fork the Jekyll Now repository, change some YAML config, upload the photo of myself you see above, and ta-da, it Just Worked! So, thanks to those guys (and presumably some others as well).

Now all I need to do is figure out how to add tags to Jekyll posts…

If you would like to join the C++ Slack channel as well, you can get invited here.

Posted 2018-03-13