My C++Now 2018 talks are captioned

The sessions I presented at C++Now 2018 are not only up on YouTube; as of yesterday, they’re captioned in English! By me.

My captions include the audience’s comments transcribed (and attributed, where I was sure of the attribution). And with footnotes! I tried to provide a link every time I mentioned another YouTube talk; every time I mentioned an active proposal; and every time I mentioned a GitHub repository.

I am proud of my captions.

With good captions, you can probably go ingest the whole thing at 2x speed, or even faster if you can figure out how to download the .sbv file from YouTube and just read it. Or, you could download the .sbv file, translate it into your own native language, and upload your translation!

So ya see, bozos, your problem is you don’t use enough Biff Const X Pro

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear: Real, human-written captions beat speech-to-text by miles and miles. But for entertainment purposes only, can you find the places in my two talks where Google’s auto-captioner thought I said…

  • So ya see bozos can plates valuation object object dish attributes

  • ass evils alligator

  • it uses a lot of Biff Const X Pro

Posted 2018-06-13