Today I learned that is a thing.

Adding badges to your repo’s README has never been easier! is a very cool thing, but it doesn’t solve the two problems I immediately ran into with TravisCI badges:

  • They must be hard-coded to a GitHub username, which means they’re fragile w.r.t. forking. See #779, #974, #1892.

  • They don’t support badges “per job” (read: per-OS; read: per-person-who-maintains-this-use-case), only “per branch.” See #4623, and homebrewed solutions such as exogen/badge-matrix.

exogen/badge-matrix is actually even awesomer than, in the sense that it supports “per job” badges. So for example we can generate this array of badges for my fork of HyperRogue:

OSX, Makefile.mac OSX, autotools Linux, autotools

Posted 2018-06-26