CppCon 2018 Early Bird Registration closes on July 7th

Right now you can register for a full week of CppCon 2018 for the low low price of only $845. On July 7th, early-bird registration closes, and the price goes up to $995.

Some people are probably waiting to see what the program schedule looks like, before they commit to the price tag. If you’re in that category, stop waiting! I promise it’ll be a great lineup, at least equal to the lineup in previous years (for example: 2016, 2017). It’s not going to be worse than that. So if you’re “kinda interested, but holding out” — please don’t hold out so long that you miss the early-bird discount!

Plus, you can take that $150 you saved on early-bird registration and put it toward registration for a weekend class, such as the one I personally am teaching — “The Standard Library from Scratch.” For your (or your company’s) additional $850, you’ll get about 14 hours of class time, hands-on exercises (I use Wandbox), free hot lunches both days, and two extra evenings to explore Seattle!

Register for CppCon 2018 here.

There is no early-bird discount for the weekend classes. You can always register for the conference now and decide to add on a class or two later. The main reasons to register for a class early are to help solidify your travel plans — where time is money — and to avoid the unlikely-but-possible scenario that the class completely fills up.

Speakers whose CppCon submissions were accepted will have their conference fee waived (and should register using a special code). Speakers whose submissions were rejected will still get the Early Bird price regardless. This means that if you submitted a session this year, then you shouldn’t rush to register before the Early Bird deadline; you should wait at least until you’ve heard whether your session was accepted or not.

Accepted and/or rejected speakers do not get any special discount on weekend classes, as far as I know.

Posted 2018-07-02