My C++Now 2019 talks are captioned

The sessions I presented at C++Now 2019 are now up on YouTube, and fully captioned in English by me!

My one main-program session this year was a 90-minute summary of “Trivially Relocatable”. Regular readers of this blog’s #relocatability tag will have seen a lot of the raw material that went into this talk; but (A) there’s some new material too, and more importantly (B) in this talk I pull together all of the material into one place, organized. “Part 1” of the talk is where I try to hook newcomers on the performance and safety benefits of P1144 [[trivially_relocatable]]. “Part 2” — the more important part for non-newcomers to the subject — is where I compare P1144 against each prior proposal in the area, including N4158 destructive move and [[clang::trivial_abi]], but also plenty of things that I haven’t blogged about yet, such as Niall Douglas’s P1029R1 (which got an R2 facelift in the pre-Cologne WG21 mailing but still has all the same problems) and the problem of shared-memory “persistent” data structures.

I also gave a comic five-minute lightning talk titled “Boost.Blockchain”. I’d been meaning to give a talk with that premise for a few years now, but this is the year it finally clicked. C++2a certainly provides no shortage of soft targets for satire.

I am proud of my two talks. :)

In case you’re wondering: Yes, I made myself a written script for that lightning talk. Yes, I practiced beforehand. No, neither of my practice runs actually finished in under 6 minutes! So I was pleasantly surprised that I managed, in the event, to come in right at the allotted 5 minutes.

My captions include the audience’s comments transcribed (and attributed, where I was sure of the attribution). And with footnotes! I tried to provide a link every time I alluded to another C++Now session or to one of my blog posts.

I am proud of my captions.

If you are fluent in a language other than English, I invite and encourage you to download the .sbv file, translate it into your own native language, and upload your translation!

Posted 2019-06-25