Prince Rupert’s Lego Cube

Following up on yesterday’s post about Prince Rupert’s Cube, I tweaked my quick and dirty volume-calculating program to output Lego bricks in the LDRAW format. The new source code is here, and the resulting LDRAW files are available for download here (the naïve space-diagonal method) and here (Pieter Nieuwland’s method).

Naive method Nieuwland method

The Lego visualization program shown in the above screenshots is LeoCAD. I just downloaded it today and have not yet figured out the fine rotation controls, but it looks like a pretty close fit, right? …Right?

Transporter accident

UPDATE: There, this new version looks better. Click to download the LDRAW file.

A better version of the passthrough.

Note to anyone who tries to build the thing based on these LDRAW files: I made my program use a bunch of differently sized bricks merely in order to add visual interest and reduce the size of the LDRAW file (compared to using nothing but 1x1 plates). The thing has no structural integrity at all. In real life, I assume you’d want to use a lot of the biggest beams and plates you could find.

Posted 2019-07-23