September blog roundup

I can’t exactly call this “What I’m reading lately,” because I haven’t gotten around to fully exploring these trees. But here are two blogs I recently discovered with good stuff.

John Glenn Taylor’s “Easily Mused,” which I stumbled across while trying to discover the source of the David Letterman catchphrase “I’ve been hyp-mo-tized!” Taylor apparently didn’t post for the entirety of 2016 due to life upheavals, so I can only imagine what his 2020 has been like… but in the “Easily Mused” archives you’ll find quite interesting links to late-20th-century comedy like Letterman, Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run, and the Goons; comics from “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” to “Peter Porkchops”; and artists-whose-names-should-be-more-famous-you’d-think such as Eyvind Earle (Sleeping Beauty) and Heinz Edelmann (Yellow Submarine). Along the way I learned the significance of the pair of names Holmes and Rahe.

Don’t miss “How to Destroy Your Vinyl Records: A Guide for Seniors.”

Chris Siebenmann’s “Wandering Thoughts” has more technical content — and lots of it! During my “Classic STL” class this past week, I name-dropped his post “Python synergies in list addressing” (January 2006), which succinctly explains all the +1s and −1s that we save — in Python, C, C++, pretty much any modern programming language — by dealing in half-open ranges instead of closed ranges.

As you’ll see from the blog’s index, “Wandering Thoughts” contains way too many posts for me to pick out any specific highlights. They’re all good, and all in nice focused microblog-esque bites — a skill I have not yet mastered.

Incidentally, I picked up the phrase “blog roundup” from some other blog a long time ago; I want to say it was Scott Aaronson’s “Shtetl-Optimized.”

Posted 2020-09-26