Lineup for next week’s Celebration of Mind

Next week, April 18 through 24, the Gathering 4 Gardner is hosting a week-long Celebration of Mind, featuring three brief presentations per day, every day. The speaker lineup has just been announced; but since the official website requires multiple clicks to get to the schedule, and is a little verbose too, here’s a very short summary lineup.

All times are New York time.

Sunday, 2021-04-18

12 pm. Mark Setteducati: “The Magic of Inventing.” Coming up with new magic tricks.

4 pm. Bronna Butler: “Math Glass.” Three math-inspired tabletop sculptures.

8 pm. Mark Mitton: TBA. Magic.

Monday, 2021-04-19

12 pm. Jorge Nuno Silva: “Tratado da Pratica D’Arismetyca.” Recreational math of 1519.

4 pm. Tanya and Tim Chartier: “Mime-matics.” What it says on the tin.

8 pm. James Tanton: “Pile Splitting.” Exploration of partitioning.

Tuesday, 2021-04-20

12 pm. Katie Steckles: “Puzzles with Bridges.” Two probability puzzles.

4 pm. Ellie Baker: “Crafts, Math, and the Joy of Turning Things Inside Out.” Hexaflexascarves.

8 pm. John Railing: TBA. Close-up magic.

Wednesday, 2021-04-21

12 pm. Lisa Rougetet: “The role of mathematical recreations in the 17th to 19th centuries.” Nim, dots-and-boxes.

4 pm. Laura Taalman: “3D printing solid volume nets and dissections.” Folding models.

8 pm. Peter Winkler: “Drawing from Urns.” Colored balls and probabilities.

Thursday, 2021-04-22

12 pm. Robert Fathauer: “Tessellations: Mathematics, Art, and Recreation.”

4 pm. Catriona Agg: “Generating Geometric Puzzles.” Three classic puzzles, dressed up.

8 pm. Ed Pegg: “New Substitution Tilings.” Their relationship to algebraic constants.

Friday, 2021-04-23

12 pm. Jeremiah Farrell: “Puzzles and Games for the Blind.”

4 pm. Craig Kaplan: “Parquet Deformations: the tiles, they are a-changin’.”

8 pm. Alissa Crans: “Twisty Mazes.” Solving the KO Labyrinth puzzle cube.

Saturday, 2021-04-24

12 pm. Marjorie Senechal: “Unwrapping a Gem.” D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s cardboard models.

4 pm. Colin Wright: “Colours Can Compute.” Map colorings.

8 pm. Debbie Leifer: “MathMagical Mysteries.” Learn a card trick.

For full details and speaker bios, see the official page.

Posted 2021-04-15