Lineup for next week’s Celebration of Mind

Next week, October 18 through 24, the Gathering 4 Gardner is hosting a week-long Celebration of Mind, featuring three brief presentations per day, every day. The speaker lineup has just been announced — and with a nicer HTML layout than last time, too! The new layout makes this very short summary lineup less necessary than last time, but heck, it’s content.

All times are New York time. All presentations are hosted at the same Zoom webinar link: here.

Monday, 2021-10-18

12 pm. Adriana Salerno: “Higher Dimensional Origami Constructions.”

4 pm. Steven Strogatz: “Writing about Math for the New York Times.”

8 pm. Burkard Polster: “Animating Conway.” I wonder if one of the animations will deal with “Conway’s Soldiers” (2020-10-17).

Tuesday, 2021-10-19

12 pm. Dave Richeson: “A Romance of Many (and Fractional) Dimensions.” Fractal dimensions, time versus space, surprising properties of higher dimensions. Title a reference to Flatland.

4 pm. Tamara Munzner: “Geometry Center Videos, Revisited.”

8 pm. Erik Demaine: “New Ways to Fold a Cube from Paper.” Fold a 3×3 square into a unit cube using creases on the 6×6 half-grid.

Wednesday, 2021-10-20

12 pm. Tiago Hirth. “On the Power of Numbers.” Luca Pacioli’s circa-1500 book of mathematical magic tricks De Viribus Quantitatis. Hirth’s dissertation (2015) was a summary and analysis of this book.

4 pm. Rachel Quinlan: “Paper for Wallpaper.” The wallpaper groups of tessellations, with applications to origami. Incidentally, here’s a neat web toy by David Eck for playing with such symmetries.

8 pm. Alexandre Muñiz: “How to Roll Two Dice.” Sicherman dice and others.

Thursday, 2021-10-21

12 pm. Doris Schattschneider: “Two Conway Geometric Gems.” The Conway Circle and the Conway criterion.

4 pm. Paula S. Apsell: “The Art of Science Communication.” Specifically, NOVA.

8 pm. Glen Whitney: “Convex Pintegon Tilings.” Tesselating integer-sided convex pentagons.

Friday, 2021-10-22

12 pm. Jenny Quinn: “Always Look on the Sunnyside of Math.” Public art and math education.

4 pm. Bob Hearn: “Reconfiguration: How Martin Gardner Inspired an Area of Theoretical Computer Science.” Reconfiguration and reachability.

8 pm. Matt Baker: “Mathemagical Themas.” Magic tricks.

Saturday, 2021-10-23

12 pm. Ayliean MacDonald: “The Pentagon: A User’s Guide.”

4 pm. Moon Duchin: “Graphs, Geometry and Gerrymandering.” Electoral redistricting.

8 pm. Red Deupree: “Flexagons: Down the Zig Zag Path with Martin Gardner.”

Sunday, 2021-10-24

12 pm. George and Roxanne Miller: “Building a Puzzle Museum.” Notes from the Puzzle Palace.

4 pm. Mark Mitton et al: “3G: the Gardner Global Gala.”

8 pm. Daina Taimina: “Travelling with a Mathematician.” Travels with geometer David Henderson.

For full details and speaker bios, see the official page.

Posted 2021-10-16