Has it been a week since Birdle already? Wow. Anyway, I’ve made another Wordle variant. I call this one Evirdle, because it is evil. It tries to make your Wordle experience as challenging as possible.

“Challenging” is a tricky metric. Evirdle is superficially similar to Sam Hughes’ Absurdle, but I found that Absurdle had two annoying flaws:

  • It’s deterministic (as far as I can tell). The same sequence of guesses always leads to the same answer.

  • It has a tendency to end up with answers in the same set of boring double-letter words, like MAMMA or PAPPA, or at best FIZZY or JIFFY.

So Evirdle adds a little bit of randomness, and also disqualifies some boring words, resulting in what I subjectively think is a more challenging experience. The average Evirdle game looks something like this:

Evirdle SNOWY 4/6


Not only that, but its Settings menu contains a switch labeled “Easy Mode”! What that switch does is left as an exercise for the reader.

Posted 2022-02-27