Larson wine limericks

Last month I and some family members entered the Larson Family Winery’s annual St. Patrick’s Day limerick contest. Here are our also-rans (the first by my mom, the others by me):

My son, who really knows wine,
Proclaims that Larson’s is fine.
He told me today,
“You may try the rosé —
“But the Gewürztraminer is mine!”

Operations at one Napa winery
Share space with an oil refinery.
There’s always the peril
Of mixing up barrels;
But that would mean someone’s resignery.

The limerick contest at Larson
Gave first prize this season to our son.
His key to success?
He says, “Well, I guess
The other guy entered a warse ‘un.”

In actual fact none of us won first prize, but the following limerick got an honorable mention in the press release (archive):

A winery owner that we know
Says he’s quitting the biz (i.e., vino).
It’s not that he minds
Tending the vines;
He’s just tired of working for pinot!

Posted 2022-03-30