R.I.P. The OFloinn

Sad news: I’ve just heard that Michael F. Flynn, sci-fi writer and long-form blogger under the handle “The OFloinn,” died earlier this week. I first mentioned his writing in “What I’m reading lately: Dogs and Wolfe” (2023-07-01); I’d only just encountered it, but it was right up my alley1 — deep dives into philosophy antique and/or scholastic, larded with offhand references to Chesterton, Belloc, Gilbert, Sayers, and Tom Lehrer. Flynn also produced, over the previous three decades, many award-winning science fiction stories and novels.

1 Except for the font size.

This might be an appropriate week to read, or re-read, one of TOF’s long-form blogs, such as:

Rest in peace, TOF.

Posted 2023-10-03