Homeworlds Puzzle: War Games

Here’s another Binary Homeworlds puzzle, following on the heels of yesterday’s puzzle, “Mini Doomsday Machine.”

For details of how I created the puzzle, how I created the image (thanks to Sleafar on Puzzling StackExchange!), and where to get your own physical set of Homeworlds pieces, see yesterday’s post.

The puzzle

A graphical representation of the game state.

Lee (0,g3b2) y2g1-
Ray (1,r2) r2-y3y3y3
DS1 (y1) -y1g3
Y (y2) r1-y1
G (g2) r2-g2
R (r3) g1-r1
B (b3) r1-b1

The stash contains r3r3 y2 g1g2g3 b1b1b2b2b3b3.

So… it is down to me, and it is down to you.

If you capture my red ship, you threaten to invade with r1r1.

If you capture my yellow ship, you threaten to invade with y1.

If you capture my green ship, you threaten to build r3r3.

If you capture my blue ship, you threaten to trade r2 for y2.

The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both move, and we find out who is right… and who is dead.

Lee to play and mate in 1. (That is, you must find the unique move which Lee can make, such that no matter what Ray replies, Lee will win on the very next turn.)

For the solution, see the discussion of this puzzle on BoardGameGeek.

Posted 2020-05-30