C++ Pub Quiz at CppCon 2020, Game Two

The return of Anagram Time Last night I emceed Game 2 of CppCon 2020’s “C++ Pub Quiz.” This time, six teams participated. Thanks to std::locale::facet, Team SFINAE, 2*Alex, auto team;, std::make_exceptional_future, and our winning team, Team SNPIOR (“Shall Not Participate In Overload Resolution”)!

The winning score tonight was again 35 points, despite being a completely different set of questions. My favorite round was the brainstorm round:

The C++20 standard’s “Index of Library Names” lists 14 identifiers beginning with “set_” [SAY: “ess ee tee underscore”] which have special meaning to the standard library. Name as many of these identifiers as you can. Your score for this round will be the number of identifiers you name correctly, minus the number you name incorrectly (if any). Here’s a hint: Six are member functions, four are function templates, three are free functions, one is a zombie name, and one is new in C++20.

Scores for that round ranged from 9 down to −3.

We also had a “lightning round” in which the topic was, “Does this using-directive permit me to use the user-defined literal 42ms or not?” No team scored above 6 out of 10 in this round. Here’s an interesting data point: None of our six teams, with the combined powers of about 30 C++ programmers among them, believed that a simple using namespace std; would grant access to the 42ms literals.

A couple of people have already asked me if I’ll send them the whole question set for use at their local user group. I’m offering the same deal as I did last year: Send me an email with one round — 10 pub quiz questions — of your own making, and I’ll send you the complete ten-round question set that I used at CppCon 2020.

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Posted 2020-09-18